By uniting under this umbrella alliance, a single- or multi-physician practice can reap the benefits of a larger purchasing group.
This may include:
  • higher negoitated contract rates with insurance carriers
  • lower rates on products & services
  • lower rates on medical & office supplies
  • lower rates on other essential insurances such as malpractice
  • PPA is the only service that I consistently recommend to my colleagues.

    It is one of the top GPOs that I know delivers excellence every time.

    Dr. Joe Torres

    Florida Sports & Family Health Center

  • While PPA takes care of our vender relationships, we were able to concentrate more on our patients.

    Thanks to PPA's continued support we are able to make our patients happy in a more efficient manner.

    Dr. Roy H Hinman

    Island Doctors

  • PPA does a fantastic job in getting the best discounts for both products and services from our preferred vendors.

    The connections that PPA allows us to make gives us the power to keep moving forward without having to worry about prices.

    Dr. Barbara Martin

    Foot and Ankle Consultants

  • You can't afford not to be a member of PPA. Their discounts are unbeatable, their support is undeniable, and their commitment to us is unparalleled.

    Dr. Manuel Gonzalez

    Radiation Therapeutic Solutions Inc

  • I used PPA solely for malpractice insurance, but now I use it for everything in the office.

    From office supplies to insurance, PPA has it all and more. I recommend PPA to anyone.

    Dr. Steve Watry

    Island Doctors

  • I choose PPA because of their vendor list, customer service, and savings.

    Other GPOs can't compare to what PPA offers. Their impeccable services is definitely at the forefront of other GPOs.

    Dr. Marvin

    Family Chiropractic Center