About Physician Purchasing Alliance

As physicians, we realized "Healthcare Reform" was going to change the medical industry forever. Administrative costs, of operating a practice, grow 6% to 10% per year while reimbursement rates fall 10% to 20%. It has become increasingly more difficult, for a single physician, to practice medicine and remain in business. Faced with this dilemma, we diligently work on opportunities to improve our outcomes while reducing our overall costs. Thus, Physician Purchasing Alliance (PPA) was born.

PPA is a network of providers, which have joined together, to improve their ability to leverage vendors. Through this leverage, PPA has negotiated discounts, up to 45%, creating significant savings on physician’s administrative costs. Furthermore, PPA is able to improve reimbursements, from national insurance carriers, by 10% to 15%. As PPA grows and expands, these benefits will grow and expand as well. Therefore, PPA provides a solution to combat healthcare changes over time.

What makes PPA unique is its structure. Since PPA operates as a Risk Purchasing Group, each provider maintains their independence while gaining the benefits of operating as a group. This strength in numbers provides PPA with the leverage to offer these benefits to its members.